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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Tudoholic. This page details a limited period Offer provided by our participating sellers redeemable through our Tudoholic Consumer Services applicable only within Nepal. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before participating. You should understand that by participating in the Offer and using our Platform, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions including Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Platform. Please understand that if you refuse to accept these terms and conditions, you will not be able to access the offers provided under our Platform.
299, 499, 799 & 999 Offers
Get products under these categories at 299, 499, 799 & 999 NPR only at our Platform
How to Avail the Offer
Customers can avail these offers only on websites orders i.e. orders being placed directly by customers from websites
Terms & Conditions: 299, 499, 799 & 999 Offers
1) These offers are powered by TudoDaily and the prices under these are subject to change after 24 hours and new products are to be added each other day
2) The Validity of the Program is for only 24 hours unless decided by Tudoholic Sellers
3) During the checkout process at Tudoholic's end, any Tudoholic Wallet credited NPR 250 won't be deemed usable
4) Additional delivery changes are applicable for orders below 1000 NPR
5) For inside-valley orders, prepayment is excluded for orders below 5000 NPR but above that range needs to be prepaid; only then the order will be processed
6) For outside-valley orders, pre-payment needs to be done for the order to be processed regardless of the pricing range
7) In case of outside-valley orders, order won't be processed unless there is pre-payment detected from customer's side
8) Calls not being received, not-reachable or being unanswered well more than 3 attempts will be automatically canceled and if customer wants to reorder the same product then current product price will be applicable regardless of the previous costing scenario
9) These offers include products from our Tudo-China Vendors and it will be around 3-4 weeks to reach our warehouse in Nepal after it is being dispatched from China
10) Refund will only be applicable in case there is no exchange policy or customers are unlikely to exchange the product with any other Tudoholic products
11) Refund will be provided to Customer's Tudoholic Wallet and if there is no Wallet assistance, refund will be done to the appropriate environment according to Company's Policy
Tudoholic Express
Tudoholic Express is the service provided by Tudoholic to its customers in order to make it easy for them to shop from International Websites from the comfort of their homes.
Terms and Conditions
  1. In case of every international links, the links ingenuity is not guaranteed by Tudoholic Consumer Services and sole responsibility of it's trustworthiness depends upon the buyer who is requesting to quote the price from the same
  2. We upon request can provide all the tracking numbers and details as provided by the seller
  3. In any case, the product didn't arrive at its physical state to the nation as per the customer's choice of links, Tudoholic Consumer Services will not be responsible for any retrospective refunds claimed
  4. For "Tudoholic Express" orders payment has to be prepaid regardless of the prices and address of customers i.e. prepaid payment has to be made whether the customer are from inside valley or from outside valley
  5. Tudoholic can inquiry the vendor for refund or exchange in case the customers receive defective and different products but do not own the refunds/exchange as Tudoholic is not the seller but acting as a delivery agent alone.
  6. The refund and exchange is subject to the verdict of the vendors. Tudoholic will not be liable for refund or exchange in case the vendors refuses to refund or exchange the product
  7. Tudoholic will not be liable for requesting for an exchange or refund to the vendors, if customer faces any size issue in case of shoes and clothing. Customers are requested to refer to the size chart and confirm the size before placing an order
  8. Tudoholic will be liable for refund or exchange only in case the vendors cancels the order multiple times or the vendors fails to deliver the products to our warehouse
  9. The delivery time will be 5-6 weeks for websites of USA and China whereas 5-6 weeks for Indian Websites after the product is delivered to our USA, China or India's Warehouse by the vendors.
  10. In regards to express orders being subject to be canceled through the respective vendor, the customer shall be entertained a re-order or will be processed for refund as soon as the disputed case gets validated by seller itself
  11. In regards to the warranty on the products provided by vendors, they are applicable to the country of origin alone according to the Nepal's International Import Export regulations 2074
  12. Customers will not be entertained any viable warranty unless its an international one as per the manufacturer
  13. To claim all the international benefits including the cost revision and warranty/guaranty, customers need to contact the consumer service before the mentioned deadline
  14. Applicable to all personalized orders exceeding value of Rs 5000, customers will be entertained with free delivery service regardless of location within Nepal

    Tudoholic Orders
    1. For inside valley customers, the orders below NPR 1500 and the items in stock are eligible for cash on delivery and payment has to be prepaid for orders above NPR 1500.
    2. For outside valley customers, payment has to be prepaid regardless of the price and type of the product.
    3.  The price of the product listed on our platform are subject to change irrespective of the previous costing scenarios as per Tudoholic seller's rule.
    4. The delivery time of the product listed on our platform will be 4-5 weeks for the products of USA and China whereas 4-5 weeks for the products of India.
    5. The delivery time for the products in stock with us will be 2-3 days for inside valley and for inside valley the delivery time depends upon the location/address of the customers.
    6. The return and exchange of the product is accepted if the customer informs about it within 3 days. Tudoholic will not be liable for refund or exchange in case the complain is received after the mentioned period.
    7. In case of products that have warranty provided by Tudoholic, exchange or refund is eligible for up to warranty period. 
    8. Applicable to all Tudoholic orders exceeding value of Rs 2500, customers will be entertained with free delivery service regardless of location within Nepal
    9. The refund being processed will be the amount of the product paid and not the service charge i.e. delivery charges
    10. Refund & Pickup Requests can be entertained by Tudoholic However, service charge applicable on the region shall be deducted and its non-negotiable
    11. For a full product refund, customer may feel free to visit the office location and collect the whole product value


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