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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my order?

We operate most of our transactions online or through banking and use predominantly eSewa, Khalti, IME and bank deposits. We do provide agent cash collection service as well on special cases. The payment details will be messaged once order is confirmed by our CS Agent.

I have bought something but seen it at a different price on your website. Why?

As an online business we act much faster in adjusting our prices in response to trends, stock and demand from customers. It's our general view not to refund the difference.

Is there any hidden charges to my order?

Basically, the final amount you will pay is just the price of the product plus shipping. Sometimes, because of the exchange rate of currency, when the payment finally cleared through the bank, the total amount will be a little different to the price of the product, but its only less than 0.5% of the total price.

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

Generally, we will dispatch your order the other day since the date you placed the order in case of in-stock items. However, the product dispatch is dependent on the product and which vendor's product you are referring to. In case of Indian Vendors, the product dispatch is within 1-2 Weeks after product being delivered to our Indian Warehouse whereas the same will be 2-4 weeks in case of China Vendor. Our US shipments will take a bit more than a month and is dependent on the state-wise availability of the product.

Tudoholic Express Products though are processed a little bit differently and product dispatch information is given at the time of order confirmation by our CS Agents.

Do you guarantee delivery time?

Because the cargo office handles your shipment, we cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery. However, we will give you an idea of when the package will arrive.

What if my order delivery was delayed?

We definitely will deliver your order in time under normal circumstances. While, shipping delays may occur due to holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please keep in mind holidays do not count as a business day and should be considered when calculating shipping times. 

How do I cancel an order?

We are only able to cancel orders within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. After that the order has most likely been processed and is preparing for shipment or has been shipped. Once this takes effect, it's out of our hands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we pride ourselves on prompt service and this includes getting your orders out as fast as possible.

What Is My Return Policy?

If there’s something wrong with your order (defective product, incorrect order, damaged order etc.), please contact us within 3 days from receiving your order and we’ll be happy to assist you reviewing the case and if it is approved we will be sending a replacement. Please do not return anything before we review the case, our customer service team will review the request and will send further instructions.

In case of COD orders or our website orders, you can check the product then and there and if the product is defective or not what you ordered, then you can reject receiving the order right away and your refund or exchange will be processed accordingly after you complain a file on Tudoholic. Filing a complain can be done through an email or Messenger messages or with a simple call to us.



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