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INSTOCK- CHINA SALE- 50 Pair Anti Perspiration Disposable Summer

BizMart Nepal

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Armpit pads are disposable cotton pads that stick to your skin or clothing to absorb excess sweat. When applying directly to the skin, armpit pads work best on dry, clean-shaven armpits.

Some underarm sweat pads can handle more than one use. For example, dress shields, garment guards and garment shields are washable, reusable shields that attach to your clothing.

Do you perspire under your armpits? We all do. Do sweat stains interfere with your comfort or confidence? Do you dread hot months because your sweat shows through your shirt? Perspiration can lead to short- and long-term stains on clothing - and it's uncomfortable!

These Disposable Pads protect you and make you feel dry, comfortable and confident all day.

Simply peel and stick the pad on the inside of your shirt where the torso part meets the arms of the shirt, and you're ready for a sweat-proof day!


  • SWEAT WICKING - The quick and easy all-day solution to armpit sweat stains is here! No need to change shirts mid-day with the Underarm Pad absorbing armpit sweat.
  • NO MORE STAINS - The super-absorbent material wicks sweat, keeping you looking dry and clean so you can feel confident and comfortable all day. Raise those arms confidently.
  • EASY TO USE & DISPOSABLE - With its quick adhesive property, simply stick the folded pad on the inside of your shirt. At the end of the day, simply remove the pad and throw it away. No stains, no sweat, no smell. For maximum effect, try these sweat absorbing pads with your deodorant.
  • FEEL FRESH ALL DAY - Sweat can make us feel uncomfortable, especially when it's visible on our clothes. This simple and effective pad will give you a sense of freedom, freshness and comfort.

The pad is made of a highly absorbent material that collects moisture and stores it. This means you will feel dry all day and your shirt will stay dry, too! The pad is designed to wick and store quite a bit of perspiration, but if you tend to sweat excessively, especially in the summer months (it's common), you may consider switching out the sweat pad in the middle of the day. Just toss the old one and apply a fresh one.

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