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Silicone Hot Water Bottle

BizMart Nepal

  • Rs2,099.00

If you are looking for a unique hot water bottle to keep your hands and feet warm during cold weather, the Silicone Hot Water Bottle has got your back. It is made of non-toxic, odorless silicone. This durable water bottle is leakproof and heat resistant.

The Silicone Hot Water Bottle is specially designed to keep your hands warm wherever you are and at any time. This hot water bottle not only warms you but can also soothe pain in the abdomen and other areas.

Package Includes
One Hot Water Bottle

The bottle is heat resistant, you can pour hot water directly into it (recommended water temperature is 80℃ and below) or you can pour cold water and place it in the microwave to heat it up for about two minutes (the heating power should not exceed 800W). You could also put it in the refrigerator and freeze it if you so desire. It has an anti-spurt mouth design that prevents water from spitting back out, so you have no danger of scalding yourself with hot water.

With its silicone carry handle, this bottle can be carried around easily. When frozen this water bottle can be used for cold compress to therapy.

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