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Premsons Fidget Spinner With 3 Mode Light , On / Off Switch Push

BizMart Nepal

  • Rs1,849.99

  • LED Fidget Hand Spinners which glow in the dark (Manual switch control LED), 608 stainless steel (Never Rust)
  • Touch-activated multi-colored LEDs have 3 distinct modes which create a myriad of light effects, patterns & designs. Simply push each LED pad to activate the red, green & blue lights, push again to switch between modes, and again to power off. From flashing dancing dashes to long lovely lines to a time travel tunnel effect, create your own unique combo of modes.
  • This high precision crafted model ensures the smooth function, fast speeds and long spin times that place our spinners among the finest in the industry
  • Fidget spinners gained popularity with increased use by those suffering with stress disorders such as ADHD and Autism. They are now used everyday to subside or stop nervous effects of these disorders and promote calm and focus by using the spinner's stimulation to occupy the urge that would normally produce other undesired behaviors.
  • Your pocket monster-bring out that creative genius lying deep within you by increasing your concentration any time on the go, whether you're at home, at school, or at the workplace.

Looking for a sneaky, fun tool that can help you put stress and anxiety at bay? If you or your loved one has ADHD anxiety, this 360 Spinner will help. It's also an incredibly cool pass-time accessory, and a lovely play toy for your kids as well. You'll find the Premsons Anti-Anxiety 360 spinner easy to use. There's no more getting bored when waiting for someone, or chilling out for something to happen. Our 360 Spinner also provokes deeper thoughts and thus facilitates increased focus. Simply hold this spinner in one hand then use your other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. It'll take a little bit of practice to get some decent action going, but it's super easy to happen plus you'll be thrilled by the fast, length spins.

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