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Set of 5 Menstrual Cup for Female

BizMart Nepal

  • Rs1,499.00

Disclaimer: Colors Will Be Random of one single color

One cup equals to three tampons, reducing you the times of changing the tampons. User-friendly, leak-free, reusable and long-lasting, leaving you freedom to do anything you want, particularly for travel use.
Made of food-grade medical silicone, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe.
No chemical additives, soft and smooth, won't hurt the vaginal wall.
Bell-shaped design fit well with the vaginal wall for collecting your menstrual flow leak-free.
Reusable and long-lasting, easy to clean and dry.
Pressure valve design for nice management of discharging menstrual flow, more convenient and assured.
No restriction on swimming, dancing, yoga, sitting or standing for long time.
Innovative design, easy to use, perfect match with thongs.
Material: Silicone
Color: Purple/Pink/Translucent
Optional Size: S(3.7cm / 1.46inch), L(4.1cm * 1.61inch)
Package Weight: 13-16g
Item Type: Menstrual Cup
Function: For Female Menstrual Period
Application: S size for women who have not given birth to a child or have not had a natural delivery or women under the age of 30 years
L size for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 30 years old
Using Method:
Put in:
1. Please disinfect the cup before using. Washing your hands and press the cup to a U shape.
2. Hold the cup bottom with your fingers firmly, squat or sit on the toilet to relieve your vagina.
3. Push aside the labia with another hand and push it in your vagina slowly.
Take Out:
1. Washing your hands before taking out.
2. Squat or sit on the toilet to relieve your vagina and hold the cup with your fingers.
2. Press the cup to ensure there is air enter and put it out slowly.
3. Hold the bottom firmly in case of overthrow it.
4. Pour the menstruation into toilet and clean the cup.
Changing Time:
The use time can last for one menstrual period, normally within 7 days, but be careful to discharge every 2 hours in the first two days or discharge based on the amount of menstrual blood.
Method of disinfection:
Please wash the cup by warm water and soap water during menstrual period, and disinfect the cup in boiling water for about 2-5 minutes or soak in the disinfectant after menstrual.
Package Include:
1 x Menstrual Cup

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