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Order from Myntra-Tudoholic Express

Order from Myntra

Tudoholic Express

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How to order?

Go to Myntra's website by clicking the link below.

Myntra's website will now open on another tab. Search for the product you want to buy. 

After you have decided the product you want to order, come back to Tudoholic's page and click on Request Discount Quote.

You will now encounter two options i.e. Continue Shopping or View Quote.
Click on View Quote.

Now, you have to fill in all your details and paste the product link from the website (Myntra) in the box named Link to the product box.

How to copy product link from other website and paste it in the “Link to the Product” box?

Chose the product and go to the product page. At the top you will see the product link.

Select the product link and copy.

To copy you can either press ‘Ctrl+C’ or right click and select ‘copy’ option.

Then go back to Request for Quote page on Tudoholic. Now, you can paste the product link in the box ‘Link to the Product’.

To paste the product link you could either press ‘Ctrl+V’ or click right and select paste option.

Finally, you can click on Submit Request and wait for a confirmation email or a call from us.

Thank you! 

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